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Danuta Hinc Receives the Barry Hannah Merit Scholarship in Fiction

University of Maryland--College Park

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Danuta Hinc interviewed by Lisa Morgan on NPR's Signal about her 9/11 novel, "To Kill the Other."

How does a scholarly boy from an affluent Egyptian family grow up to be a terrorist? Danuta Hinc’s new novel, To Kill the Other, imagines the story of the gradual radicalization of a young man in the years leading up to the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Through his travels in Egypt, Israel, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the young man, Taher, is molded by the people he meets and the things he sees, experiences which lead him down the dark path to his own destruction. Danuta Hinc spoke with Signal producer Lisa Morgan about her journey inside the mind of a killer. ~ Aaron Henkin, 88.1 FM Your NPR News Station

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Dictator at the Podium: The First 100 Days Takes Me Back 25 Years ...

Growing up in communist Poland, in a family opposed to the regime, was like watching and discussing open wounds with the understanding that nothing could be changed, but that opposition was necessary.

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In the Image of Our Convictions

With our red carnations pointed to the ground, in jackets turned back to front, we walked in silence in front of the tribune, looking straight ahead—with pride of accomplishing the protest, and in fear of the consequences that would surely follow.

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Ani Kazarian reviews To Kill the Other

"Throughout the novel, Hinc depicts the power of the belief in “the other,” and how our minds are able to construct narratives that match our beliefs more closely than they do reality."

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PEN American Center

Danuta Hinc is the author of the novel, To Kill the Other. Her fiction and essays have appeared in The Little Patuxent Review, The Muse, Litteraria, The Word Riot, and elsewhere. She is the recipient of the Barry Hannah Merit Scholarship in Fiction from Bennington College. She lives in Ellicott City, MD, and teaches at the University of Maryland.

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Language and finding the place of belonging most « Danuta Hinc

Language and finding the place of belonging most « ...

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Danuta Hinc

As I am reading in the New York Times Charles Siebert’s moving essay “What Does a Parrot Know About PTSD,” I remember the parrots that held my attention in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort last summer.


Authors of the Roundtable

Interview with Danuta Hinc

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University of Maryland - College Park

Danuta Hinc Interviewed About Her Novel, TO KILL THE OTHER

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To Kill the Other

by Danuta Hinc

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Danuta Hinc

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To Kill The Other by Danuta Hinc


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A Novelist Looks at 9/11

by C Wallace Walker